About Us in Greenlime Consulting’s Culture

Each of us have a role, not a title.
Discover how Greenlime Consulting’s culture
and environment shape the way we perform.

Jean-Thierry Dufort

Coordination & Facilitation

Greenlime Consulting’s way of working, based on total transparency both internally and externally, autonomy, the opportunity given to everyone to make the decisions that seem best for the company, the absence of hierarchy, and the redistribution of share of the profits, allows us to recruit the best consultants, and to retain them. As coordinator and facilitator, my role is to ensure that everyone finds their place, that our operating principles are respected, and that the collective interest always takes precedence over individual interests.

Kelly Van Tricht


Every day we are given the space to do what we love in a great atmosphere with a flat hierarchy. We are given the freedom to be ourselves and to grow so that we will continually enjoy working. All ideas are always more than welcome. We take responsibility for our work and are given full confidence that everything is done properly. The big difference with many companies is that Greenlime Consulting really does what is promised. Every day, all these things provide pleasure, passion, drive, and commitment.

Jean-Marc Want


My role is to ensure that everyone in the company has transparent access to financial information, and that we decide together the future of the company and investment prospects. Human relationships are the foundation of any success. Being attentive and caring towards everyone is the DNA of Greenlime Consulting.

Olivier Sanzot


Skills are important. We want to provide our customers with the expertise they are expecting from us. While skills can be acquired and improved, mindset cannot. That’s why my focus is on hiring consultants who are team players, constructive, proactive, excited to learn and explore, and willing to share their experiences. This is the mindset of a Greenlime consultant that I’m looking for.

Ritikesh Bhaskarwar

BI Consultant

As a Business Intelligence Consultant, my role is not just about transforming & visualizing data, but enabling end users with historical analysis and data insights to better understand outcome of their business. Greenlime Consulting empowers me and gives me the freedom to express myself. Its transparency & flat hierarchy gives me the  confidence to be creative in my work and deliver better results.

Kevin Rousselle

BI Consultant

At Greenlime Consulting, no one is assigned a number: every employee has a name, a story to share, and the opportunity to interact with everyone in the company. Every voice counts; there is no hierarchy. I am very proud to be part of Greenlime Consulting and it drives me to grow within the company, but to also provide full satisfaction to our customers.