MicroStrategy 2021 introduces new features that provide better performance and scalability to enhance the overall user experience. In addition, this release introduces new features across the analytics, mobility, and security platform – making it easier for users to build applications faster.

Below are the Top 5 updates,

  1. Dossiers Enhancements:
    • Visualization Gallery moved to top toolbar to showcase nine new one-click bar charts, three new one-click Line/Area charts, and provide more authoring space.
    • Add shapes to the canvas from the top toolbar to visually group elements, help frame a visualization, or create a layered effect.
    • Enable vertical scrolling in free-form layout dossiers.
    • Allow multiple selections for data labels in pie, circle, and bar charts
    • Use the keyboard to move and delete, disable auto-snapping, and select all layers under free-form layout dossiers.
  2. HyperIntelligence:
    • Create and apply thresholds to the card header
    • Support for derived metrics on the card editor
    • Ability to replace datasets without sacrificing card design on the card editor
  3. Workstation:
    • Monitor & manage user connection, database connection, subscription & intelligent cubes
    • Edit all server level settings such as governing, security, cache & intelligent cube settings
    • Single sign-on with OpenID Connection (OIDC) authentication for Azure.
  4. MicroStrategy Library:
    • Search for objects both inside and outside of Library with Global Search
    • Select and copy individual grid cells contents and URLs to the clipboard
    • Export dossiers with Table of Contents and grid pagination
    • Share bookmarks to keep your team updated with more in-depth insights.
  5. Now offering:
    • Now is the first service made available through MicroStrategy SaaS
    • MicroStrategy SaaS is a subscription-based service that delivers the value of MicroStrategy’s modern, open, enterprise platform packaged via an intuitive and user-friendly software-as-a-service (SaaS) model

Available 90-day free trial here