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MicroStrategy Desktop is a powerful data discovery tool for anyone in your organization, that lets you explore data and answer questions on your own. By reimagining the data discovery process, it’s easier than ever to visualize data.

Sounds interesting, but where can I get this? The MicroStrategy Desktop is available free of charge! You can download it here.

Salient features of MicroStrategy Desktop:

  • Connection to 100+ data sources: Quick & easy to tap into, blend together, and visualize data of all types
  • Easy data cleaning: Easily clean and modify your uploaded data, without data source limitations,and with built-in data preparation and parsing capabilities.
  • Ease of use: Out-of-the-box templates, advanced formatting controls, and the ability to integrate with 3rd-party visualization galleries, make building beautiful, insightful dashboards easier than ever before.

Use MicroStrategy Desktop to create Dossiers. As the name suggests, it is an interactive display that showcases and explores Business data. The Dossier provides visual representation of data to make it easy to interpret, manipulate & customize. It organizes data into multiple chapters and pages to provide a logical flow to your analysis.

MicroStrategy Desktop enables you to:

  • Add, rearrange, or remove data in a Dossier
  • Display data in multiple ways with help of visualizations
  • Add images, labels, background information, description, instruction, etc. in Dossier
  • Display real-time information from the Web by adding HTML containers
  • Grouping of data in Dossier to explore subset of data
  • MicroStrategy Desktop is available for both Windows and Mac

Want to see it in action? Jump to this video

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Greenlime Consulting is proud to deliver MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Suite, a cloud-based analytics service. The right data team, with comprehensive business intelligence capabilities, can solve the biggest challenges and will exceed the expectations of your organization.